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How Our Service Works?

Meal planning designed to make you focus on the important things.

1. Choose your meals

Each week, our chefs create a variety of delicious recipes. You select the recipes you want or we select them for you based on your meal preferences.

2. Receive your meal box full of goodies

We pre-portion, measure and ship your ingredients fresh to your door FOR FREE. All boxes are insulated to keep the ingredients fresh.

3. Cook at the blink of an eye

By following our easy steps, you will enjoy simplicity and make delicious meals at the blink of an eye. WE REALLY SAVE YOU TIME.


Giving back is what we do

Save Money, Earn Rewards, And... Save MORE money!

Besides being affordable, Perfectcuisine gives you reward points you can credit for FREE meals. That?s right! Bank points and use them TO GET FREE meals. It doesn?t end there, you can also earn points when you refer friends and family who sign up for our meal kit delivery service.

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A Customizable Ready to Cook Meal Box Delivery Service?

Why not get creative? Have a say in what you eat?

  • Variety - Choose from a variety of delicious recipes that are quick and easy to make.

  • Create - Create impressive meals with compatible ingredients

  • Easy steps - All instructions match selected ingredients.

  • Preferences - Don't have time to customize? No problem. Set your taste preferences and you'll receive our chef's original recipes based on your taste buds.

  • No commitment! - Skip weeks or cancel at any time.

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The ready to cook meal box with your touch

  • Your chosen recipes with quality fresh ingredients.
  • Ice packs and in an insulated box to keep everything fresh for hours.
  • Other goodies to say thank you.
  • Meal boxes are delivered to your door for FREE.

What others are saying

Understanding your needs


4.5 stars: Excellent
5 stars: Excellent

Fantastic help and quality food

Fantastic help, meats and fresh produce. Love all the one of a kind sauces and additional items. Our kids love helping and setting up the dinners as well!


5 stars: Excellent

Love making my meals my way

As a workaholic, you understand what I need and how I need it. Awesome way to approach meal making and eating healthily.


5 stars: Excellent

Amazing !

Amazing ! Price is good. Service is quick and efficient. Meals are very easy to choose from.Great ingredients and just the right amount of choices!


5 stars: Excellent

Great experience

Very efficient and practical, especially during times like this with the pandemic. Great customer service, fast deliveries and fresh food with simple meals. I recommend this to everyone !

Naneeda Ofwgkta

5 stars: Excellent


Fast and efficient service and the food is amazing. Just the right amount of flavour and easy to follow recipes. Highly recommend!

Sarah Lee

5 stars: Excellent

With COVID out everywhere I am glad to…

With COVID out everywhere I am glad to get my fresh stuff right by my door steps whenever I need it. Amazing!!!!!

Sabena Sey

5 stars: Excellent

Kudos to you guys for such an amazing…

Kudos to you guys for such an amazing work! Amazing recipes and the site is super easy to navigate. I love the fact that I actually get to swap ingredients; genius!! Keep up the great work

Pryncess Abyna Rose

5 stars: Excellent


Gets at my door on schedule and fresh. It causes me less outings to the supermarket... no veils required at home! The simple to follow plans are delectable and tasty. Great job!!!


5 stars: Excellent

The food turned out great

The food turned out great. Ingredients were really fresh. Good portion sizes for 2. No complaints about being over fed here. Got our money's-worth. Now can’t wait to build my...

David Kennedy


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