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How Our Meal Box Delivery Service Works?

Helping you make quick and delicious meals

1. Choose your meals

Option to customize them by replacing ingredients.

2. We ship them to you

We pre-measure, portion your quality fresh ingredients and ship them to you.

3. Quickly cook and enjoy

Most of our recipes are ready in under 30 minutes.


Giving you more delicious options than most

Quality ingredients fresh from the farm to your table

We provide fresh ingredients that are non GMO, locally sourced, meats that are not fed hormones or anti-biotics, and seafood that are sustainably fished. The best part about our service is that you can customize your meals with ingredients you want and make them unique.

Your choice of delicious recipes, ingredients, side dishes, add-ons and more.


Why PerfectCuisine?

Convenience, customization and choice!

  • CUSTOMIZATION - Create unique meals with compatible ingredients you choose.

  • CHOICE - Choose from a variety of recipes.

  • CONVENIENCE - Meals are delivered to your door for FREE.

  • AFFORDABLE - Starts at only $10.99 per meal.

  • COMMITMENT? - NONE! Skip weeks or cancel at any time.


What will you receive with your meal kit delivery?

  • Our welcome letter
  • Your recipe cards
  • Fresh ingredients
  • Ice packs to keep the ingredients fresh.

What others are saying

Understanding your needs

The Brown Rice Paella with Chicken and Sun-Dried Tomatoes was amazing!

Lauren S. from Laval

Life changing to be honest. My kids loved customizing their meals.

Kaylee P. from Montreal

We made the Pizza portobello. Delicious. Thank you. Looking forward to our next box.

Jonathan D. from Longueuil


For every purchase made, we donate 10% to charity! Thank you for your support.

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