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About Perfectcuisine's meal box delivery service

Perfect Cuisine offers a meal kit service that allows clients to customize original recipes or create their own recipes. Customers can actually customize a recipe by replacing core ingredients like meats, spices, herbs, vegetables, salads and add-ons.

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The idea behind the story

The story actually began about 2 years ago. Two brothers went to a restaurant and ordered what they wanted from the menu. When the meal came, they switched certain items on their plate. At the same time, one of them realized, it would have been much easier if they had asked the waiter to replace the items they didn't like. A discussion ensued and for weeks it went on until they realized how it could be channeled by opening their own restaurant. The idea was good but it was not practical! With their entrepreneurial thinking, they hatched up Perfectcuisine to better serve people in our fast paced world.

Perfectcuisine is born from the idea that people should have control over what they eat. How can a chef really determine your tastes? Our platform bridges the gap and gives you options. Our platform is the waiter or waitress taking your order to replace what you don't want.

No time to customize? Set your preferences to receive great meals you will enjoy.

Perfectcuisine's vision

Our vision is to nourish our impoverished and malnourished communities.

Perfectcusine's values

We believe innovation, honesty, hard work, integrity, acceptance and open communication are important factors that make society better for everyone. Those who cannot feed themselves, cannot feed others.


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Our aim

We want to elevate standards in the industry in order to provide you with real choice and convenience!

We want to help you spend less time planning your meals so you can enjoy life or get some work done!

We want you to make delicious combinations already tested.

Kale salad

Eating healthy and the convenience of our meal boxes

You want to eat healthily and we want to help you on your journey. We want to make sure everything is prepped, and ready to go. We want to minimize the effort and cooking difficulty you encounter in the kitchen. Why not just follow concise instructions, cook and eat? We want you to enjoy every cooking experience. That's part of the reason you can customize your meals.

You don’t have to be a great cook to cook great, so start customizing your meals to your unique taste!


The Perfect Way

It’s hard to come home from a long day at school or work, and start thinking about what to cook or what to feed your family. Want to change your lifestyle and eat healthier?

 An unhealthy lifestyle leads to many problems that shorten life, including obesity, diabetes and heart issues. It is proven that eating unhealthy fast-food meals, can be costly; monetarily and healthily.

The World Health Organization states, “Most of the world's population live in countries where overweight and obesity kills more people than underweight”. Visit their website to read more and let’s not even begin talking about the health consequences of obesity. A good life and work balance is always being preached but that’s just it, “it’s easier said than done”.

Perfect cuisine does not only bring you healthy solutions, and help you save time, we put you at the forefront of our services. We bring you healthy meals you can customize with other ingredients or side dishes that cater to your taste.

You want something healthy; we provide fresh ingredients that are non GMO, meats that are not fed hormones or anti-biotics, seafood that are sustainably fished, safely packaged, and ingredients that are locally sourced. We go as far as featuring local chefs, suppliers and restaurants.

As  a Canadian business, we must abide by Canadian law and food and safety regulations. We also want to make sure you are satisfied and we guaranteed your money back. Holding up to our end of this statute is not an option. It's a must. Our website uses an SSL provider to fully secure our website. An SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) ensures your data as well as our data are secure from hackers and other intruders. If you believe the site is not secure, visit or re-type our secure link https://www.perfectcuisine.ca. We also use Sitelock, a service that blocks outside threats; a service that protects you and us from viruses and malware. We use a 2-factor authentication system to ensure no one else can enter our database. This triple protection guards all information we collect in order to serve you right, including your payment details. Contact us at any time if you have any questions.


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