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Below are frequently asked questions, you may find the answer for yourself

·       We offer an amazing menu

·       You can customize meals by choosing ingredients that go well with the dish

·       You can double an ingredient if you want more of it. Yes you can!

·       You earn points towards free meals

·       Increase loyalty levels and get free meals even faster.

·       We strive to cater to your needs but we won’t compromise on quality and freshness

·       Every meal purchased gives back to charity, rehabilitation and youth programs.

·       Did we mention, “You can earn points, increase loyalty levels and get free meals?”

We have systems in place to track and notify you when your box has been sent. Please contact us as soon as possible and we will trace your delivery from origin and resolve this issue as soon as possible.

We currently to regions in Quebec and surrounding regions. Please sign up and enter your postal code to see if we currently deliver in your area.

Current delivery areas;
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Place Bonaventure

Place Desjardins

Plateau Mont-Royal

Payments are processed at order deadlines; that is on Wednesdays, at midnight. You will see our company name in your statements.

Perfect Cuisine offers an online meal subscription service. First, you setup your account, choose your plan and set your meal preferences. We automatically select meals based on your preferences and send you your meals. You can also change and customize your recipes as you wish. You prepare your meals by following instructions we provide. Plate and enjoy the meals!

 we substitute ingredients for many reasons;

·       Government recalls may mean you cannot use the original ingredient

·       Farm or supplier issue, where they fail to meet our demand for that ingredient.

·       The quality of the ingredient is unacceptable by all standards and we must ship your order asap

·       It is an ingredient you personally substituted. Carefully confirm and monitor all customizations on your dashboard. We use that information to prepare your ingredients.

·       You may receive a notification prior to or after the fact.

·       There is no refund effected for such cases. The ingredient used to substitute is often much more expensive.

We take all necessary steps to separately prepare and label all ingredients. This does not ensure allergic safety. Our operation requires the manipulation of many ingredients at any given time.We take precautions to separate and distance all allergens. That said, because you are in control of the meal preparation, you have visibility on the ingredients and may be able to use our services. You are also able to see the ingredients of each meal as well as allergens. You are solely responsible for making sure none of the ingredients will harm you. If you have questions about any ingredients contact us for more information. IF YOU HAVE SEVERE ALLERGIES WE DO NOT RECOMMEND YOU USE OUR SERVICES!

Recipes are based on clear instructions and sometimes, videos. We acknowledge that if a client makes a mistake along the way, it is easy to disdain the recipe. We try to let clients be as autonomous as possible. The outcome of their meals is partially in their hands.

Nonetheless contact us if you are not satisfied with our services.Help us to improve with a 100% money back guarantee.

Please read our refund policy.

You must subscribe to use our services. Subscribing does not mean you will be charged without your knowledge. By signing up, you consent to weekly charges based on your plan but you can skip weeks you do not want to receive meals.

Customizing your meals are not mandatory. It is a choice we believe enhances your experience, a choice that gives you more control over what you consume.

We get all ingredients fresh from government accredited vendors, farms and other certified organic partners. We use an in and out process where we send you your ingredients the same day it is delivered fresh to us. Our quality team inspect items based on high standards of quality. We expect all our partners to adhere to these standards.

It is of the highest concern that we send you ingredients of the highest quality. We take this very seriously. If we find an ingredient inadequate, we may substitute it with another.

You get points for each box successfully processed. Points are turned into credits and placed in your account. You then use the credits to purchase anything on our website. You can see your points accumulate from your dashboard.

This is something we work very hard and have taken several steps to avoid. You are paying for it and you deserve the best service in the market. Contact us if something has been omitted in your bag. We will trace ingredients prepared and solve this matter.

Currently, order deadlines are set for Wednesdays before 12:00 P.M. Our menu is changed for the next week on Wednesdays at midnight. Your order is automatically placed, if you do not, pause, skip, cancel or make your own selections on time. You cannot alter selections after deadline.

If you want to cancel your subscription? Email us via:


Please include the following information;

Your account number::

Your full name:

Your email address:

Your phone number:

A brief reason why you are cancelling your account. This will help us better our services. We always want to go beyond our customer's expectations.

We currently deliver from Monday to Friday. You will receive your box on the day you choose to receive it.

Unfortunately there are cases where clients find foreign items such as plant based bugs, paper, s materials or other things. Even if it rarely happens, we must keep you informed. All our agents are trained to help avoid such issues. Our facility is food grade and procedures are put in place to avoid this. It may happen for various reasons. Often our vendors and farms may provide us with products whose packaging or container may be defaulted. Sometimes, a piece of the packaging may slip into the bag. Please submit pictures of any foreign object for investigation.

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